Wild Washi Digital Sticker Set

Plan Your Success

Need to highlight important information and events in your digital planner? 

Digital stickers, especially washi, help you decorate your digital planner so that you can highlight what you need to focus on during your day/week/month/year.

This collection of washi tape has a good variety of  designs that bring color and life into your planner.

Some of the Benefits to using digital stickers: 

  • Add color and variety to your planner

  • Highlight important information or events

  • Decorate with seasonal graphics such as Christmas Washi

  • Have lots of fun using them!

What's Included: 

  • 360+ washi tape digital stickers

  • Pre-cropped PNG files

  • Washi Sampler GoodNotes File

IMPORTANT: This is a digital download only. 

You can use the stickers in your digital planner or in your Word documents.

You need a note taking application to use digital planners such as GoodNotes, Noteshelf or Xodo (Android). 

You will also need a tablet and a stylus such as the Apple pencil to write and doodle in your planner. 

Digital stickers are a lot of fun to use and help me highlight my achievements and notes in my digital planner. You can do the same, get the stickers now!

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You'll get

Over 360+ digital stickers
Pre-cropped PNG files
Sampler in GoodNotes file

Wild Washi Digital Sticker Set

I want this!